Welcome to CCPARC

The Community College Participatory Action Research Collaborative (CCPARC) is a center and clearinghouse for community college research by, with, and for community college faculty, professional staff, student, and administrative researchers with the aim of bringing their scholarship into the broader conversation on community college research, thereby contributing to emerging policy at the state and national level.


  • Contribute our individual CC research
  • Conduct collaborative large-scale studies
  •  Amplify the voices of community college faculty and students as scholars and experts
  • Advocate for rigorous Participatory Action Research from researchers at other colleges, universities, or centers who wish to conduct research on and with faculty, students, and professional staff, and curricula at CUNY Community Colleges


We are in the process of creating a board, and we hope to finalize populating this board this winter. The board will include a representative from each CUNY Community College. For interest in the board, please talk to/email, Maureen Matarese, Associate Professor of Academic Literacy and Linguistics, at mmatarese@bmcc.cuny.edu.

Want to help us build the larger clearinghouse of research by telling us about what you’re working on:

JOIN CCPARC: http://cuny.is/ccparc